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Growing herbs indoors
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Growing herbs indoors

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If you want to grow your own herb garden but simply don’t have the outdoor space to do so, a good and viable option is to have a container garden inside. These tubs can be used to grow many herbs that will grown up to 12 inches high, and the add a lovely decorative touch to a kitchen, as well as being an instant source of many of the common herbs you use in every day cooking.

On a windowsill, many herbs can be grown and you can start you indoor garden either by purchasing the seeds for the plants or buying small plants for a local nursery. Those who have experience growing herbs outdoors will know how easy it is to get them to flourish and the same is true when gardening indoors. These can also be an addition to an outdoor space, such as a patio or deck.

A good idea for a beginner is to purchase a kit that can be used to create the indoor garden. These will come with everything that you need to get started. They will also offer guidance on how to take care of your herbs and even how to use them in cooking once you have grown them.

Care of herbs inside is slightly different than outdoors. They will not survive if the soil is too wet and gardeners should only water the garden when the soil is totally dry. It is also important in the winter time to use a mister to dampen the air around the plants about once a week. This is due to heating systems drying out the air in homes.

Kits will be available from a local garden centre and come with many options, such as size, type of herbs and material they are made out of. This is the right time of year to start an indoor home gardening project.