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How to secure a Bitcoin account.

How to secure a Bitcoin account

Image by nikhilNarayane from Pixabay

Today, cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoins, are no more something strange and exotic.  Almost everyone knows about their existence, and many are thinking about how to make money with them.  But is this enterprise reliable enough?  How should you secure your Bitcoin account?  Philip Hawkins will answer these questions.

– Do people need to have any special knowledge in order to make transactions in the bitcoin market?

– Today, even newcomers can successfully operate in the bitcoin market due to the emergence of Bitcoin robots.  It is unique software designed to buy and sell bitcoins on behalf of a trader.  The robot calculates the situation much faster than a person and performs the most profitable actions.  There are many different Bitcoin robots.  You can learn more about them in the review The main thing is that before registering on any platform, carefully study the site and make sure that the security measures are sufficient. Make sure there are no obvious errors in the site address (like HTTP instead of https).  Make sure there is a Secure word or a padlock next to the URL. Read reviews from other users.

– Well, if a person has already some digital assets, what should he be afraid of?

– Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency market is not the safest.  The main problems are various types of fraud and, of course, malware.

– That is, having earned bitcoins, you can easily lose them?  What can you do to protect your assets?

– The most secure way to store bitcoins is with a bitcoin wallet.

– What it is?

– This is special software.  Each transaction has two levels of security: a public address and a private key.  A public address is like a bank account that identifies your wallet.  A private key is a complex cryptographic code.  It is unique to each wallet.

– Are there different bitcoin wallets? 

– Of course, there are many different types of bitcoin wallets for different situations.  There are mobile wallets, in fact, applications for mobile phones, there are web wallets, when your private key is stored on the Web and you can access it from any device connected to the Internet.  This is convenient but less secure than, for example, desktop wallets, which are installed on a desktop computer. Perhaps the safest way to protect your crypto assets is with a hardware wallet.  This is the physical device used to store bitcoins.  You connect it to a computer, usually via a USB port. But you pay to use these wallets.

– Still, many people find it difficult to grasp the idea of ​​digital assets.  Are there options for those who prefer something tangible, something that can be touched?

– A paper wallet is a document, usually in the form of a QR code, that contains a public address and a private key.  Its main advantage is that it cannot be hacked, but security measures must be taken, such as printing this document on a printer that is not connected to the Internet.

So, the most important rule is to be careful, and this applies to all types of bitcoin wallets.  And by going to, you will learn even more about how to secure your Bitcoin account.