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Anti-obama Jimmy Carter’s billboard “Miss Me Yet?”

Image by WikiImages from Pixabay

The phenomenon of an advertising board is a meme that continues to exist. It all started with an anonymous billboard in Minnesota, where passers-by showed a joyful waving image of George Bush asking: “Don’t you miss me yet?” Once the story hit the national news cycle, it only took one of the project’s financiers a few days to appear on Fox and Friends. The phenomenon continued with several serious posters against Obama, which were not funny. The next chapter of this fascinating story will take us to Texas, where Jimmy Carter appears.

NPR also confirms that Jimmy Carter’s version of “Still Missing Me?”, which seems to be another conservative parody that conveys the exact opposite of what Bush’s billboard did, is not the work of Photoshop, but a real billboard. The sign, according to Paul Covey, president of KEM Outdoor, confirms that the sign was raised on Monday, and the broker who organized the deal, Steve Cosio, confirms conservative intentions. Speaking on behalf of the anonymous patron, he told NPR that “it was largely based on a message from a billboard in Minnesota” and the result of (just) the health bill passed. We can only hope that each time Congress passes any legislation, it will prompt a new billboard.

This is not the first time, however, that Carter appears in big advertising in the sky. This little pearl has sometimes appeared over Grand Junction, Colorado last week. It seems that the financing of giant billboards on the highway with the image of a politician is likely to force the residents of the area to burst a blood vessel. Bush is in the country of Al-Franken, Reagan is in a state that did not give him the votes of the electorate, and now Carter is in a conservative heart, makes us wonder who may appear next and where?