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The interview of Jon Stewart with Mark Thiessen on The Daily Show

Image by Jackie Williamson from Pixabay

The Daily Show is the program, which is broadcasting on the cable and mostly series channel Comedy Central, is the country’s main evening TV show. And not only at the expense of the mind-blowing jokes that Stewart is famous for. He has turned his “fake news” show into a platform for political and social discussion, not inferior to the most serious analytical TV programs. The media community jokes that Stewart could easily become President. For many years of hosting, he prepared his electorate and outlined an election program that boils down, in fact, to one point — common sense.

One of his interviews was with Thiessen. He is an author, columnist and political commentator, member of the US Republican party. He was a speechwriter for President George W. Bush (2004-09) and Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld (2001-06).

Jon Stewart’s interview with former Bush speechwriter and current Washington Post columnist Mark Thiessen was in a form of heated discussion. These interviews are often described as knockouts when the reality is a little hazier. Thiessen’s interview, however, was a real knockout. Mark repeated his “Cheney-AIT,” talking about how Obama is making us less safe, and Stewart just dissected us one by one. Thiessen only tried to discuss Stewart’s denials, making several points in a row so that Stewart could not refute each of them. When Stewart spoke, he fired several frequent shots, and Thiessen became more and more frustrated, constantly complaining about not having enough time. Stewart objected to the idea that perfect security could be achieved, and criticized Thiessen for presenting selective evidence and pretending to know the “equation” by which America could be safe.