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Make your home healthy and safe.
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Make your home healthy and safe

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Strong walls, a solid foundation, modern household appliances … Is all this enough to make it comfortable and safe to live in the house?  Unfortunately, not always.  Harmful insects and rodents not only disturb your peace of mind. They are carriers of disease, and can also cause significant damage to your home and household items.  What to do if uninvited guests appear?  Pestcare will help.

Turning to specialists, you can be calm, your problem will be solved quickly and for a long time.  To combat pests, professionals use the most modern environmentally friendly products, the action of which is aimed only at specific pests: cockroaches, termites, fleas, bedbugs, and so on.  You do not need to completely empty your home from food and furniture, you do not need to worry about the health of your pets.  Fumigation is fast and the result will please you.  You can also get free professional advice on pest control.