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How to Choose Personal Security

Photo by Job Moses on Unsplash

The client can attend individual training sessions, get acquainted with the results of exams, performance characteristics, but most often this does not tell him anything specific

The main problem of selecting a bodyguard is that the protected person cannot independently check his professional qualities. These include high reaction speed, the ability to adapt to changing external conditions, stress resistance, readiness for self-sacrifice, as well as excellent physical fitness combined with knowledge of hand-to-hand combat techniques, the ability to wield various types of weapons. The client can attend individual training sessions, get acquainted with the results of exams, service characteristics, but most often this does not tell him anything concrete. Beginners and employees with a low level of training simply do not reach the stage when they are recommended as Executive Security. And all those who are recommended have pretty good indicators. How to choose someone to whom you can entrust your safety, and maybe your life?

Photo by Drew Harbour on Unsplash

No need to select yourself, you can trust the professionals

How to check that the bodyguard is able to cover the person he will protect? Do not hire an artist in order to simulate an assassination attempt to make sure that the bodyguard will act competently and effectively… Of course, it is highly discouraged to do so.

Major business players, famous artists and other wealthy people who seek to ensure safety for themselves and their family members turn to a company to train specialists of the appropriate profile. These companies provide Executive Security Services to ensure the security of enterprises and organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as private territories. You can also hire personal security there.

All the bodyguards who work in the company are checked as many times as necessary in order to talk about the highest level of professional training. Basically, these are people who are completely different from the cinematic image of a bodyguard, which is a big man in black glasses. Most often, a professional bodyguard is outwardly inconspicuous, intelligent and gives the impression of an engineer or a secretary-assistant. These are people with extremely high reaction, able to instantly solve complex tasks related to the detection of a possible source of danger.

Image by Asad Photo Maldives from Pexels

Professional selection criteria

The most important criteria of professionalism are:

  • an experience that only comes with years. The bodyguard should know, not in theory, but in practice, how attempts occur and be able to act in an extreme situation without hesitation;
  • complete indifference to any temptations;
  • ability to respond adequately to even the most insignificant events, if they may indicate the presence of a threat.

People who choose a personal bodyguard for themselves or their supervisor need to abandon the many stereotypes that have developed in this area due to cinema and literature. It is impossible to meet some ideal and universal knight without fear and reproach, who will be both a friend and a defender. Honesty, openness and experience are the main things that distinguish a true professional. He is incorruptible and does not believe that he is performing a feat if he seriously risks his life while performing his professional duty.