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Boosting Impact on Progress

Image by Victoria from Pixabay

Boosting is raising the level of someone else’s account for money. It is a professional assistance in character development and completing levels. With boosting, you can upgrade your account and become a strong character quickly and efficiently.

The progress race is a fairly important part of World of Warcraft. Riders have to spend many hours, days and weeks preparing and then going through this or that content. They need a lot of consumables, much experience, teamwork, and top-end equipment. For some, it’s easier to get it all by playing and spending time, and for others – by spending money. World of Warcraft boost is used for this purpose.

game figure
Image by Nino Souza Nino from Pixabay

And there’s nothing wrong with that. Since buying gold does not affect the progress race itself in any way. Yes, even the hiring of any strong player does not affect, although it is debatable here. The world’s top guilds are progressing thanks to their hands, their skills, their will. And how to prepare for the decisive approaches is everyone’s business.

Another thing is that such guilds mostly do not buy gold, but sell boosting services to cover all the expenses necessary for progress. They are professional players, it doesn’t cost them anything to spend a couple of people on a raid of epochal complexity, but they can get a lot out of it. And you should not blame them for this, because in this way they ensure their “survival” in the race.

woman playing game
Image by Ashiq Raazz from Pixabay

For example, Method spent approximately 100 million gold to prepare for the conquest of Dazar’alor. And they became the first in the world!

Roughly speaking, it is mandatory for top guilds to sell various services in the game. But the game of the top guilds and ordinary players is different…