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What kind of stairs can be
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What kind of stairs can be?

Photo by Brannon Naito on Unsplash

Nowadays, moving to large multi-storey buildings with large spacious rooms and beautiful staircases is becoming more and more popular.  In country houses, stairs are simply necessary, they carry their specific functions, and are also an element of the interior.  A staircase can be made beautiful and unusual by using bespoke metal work, thereby adding a zest to the interior.

Types of stairs

In its design and appearance, various materials and design principles can be combined to give the staircase the required qualities and uniqueness.

Wooden stairs are a classic option that is always in fashion.  For the manufacture of stairs, pine, beech, oak, ash, birch, pine needles and larch are used.  Compared to other materials, wood is the most affordable.  Such stairs are relatively lightweight, easy to update and fit into a new interior using varnish and paint, also they are durable and reliable. You can combine different types of wood, this will give the stairs an interesting look.

Metals such as iron, cast iron, steel and aluminum are used for metal stairs. Such stairs are the most durable, have a lot of weight, it is necessary to take into consideration when choosing the material, as they will not be suitable for any construction.

Stair stone is used only as cladding.  Such products are durable and fireproof.  With the help of stone, stairs can be made elegant and incredibly aesthetic.

There is a large selection of both the stairs themselves and the railings for them.  What is the best way to make a staircase on the second floor, so that it meets all your requirements and looks harmoniously with the surrounding interior, decide only you, but if you really want something unique and unusual then bespoke metal fabrication london will definitely help. There you can make a unique product that will delight you every day.

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