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Discover the Exquisite Treasures of Sicily

Photo by Henrique Ferreira on Unsplash

Nowadays, private jets have become an integral part of luxury and prestige. They offer the opportunity to travel in comfort and with style, without queues, delays and inconveniences of public aviation. And one of the most popular destinations for private jet flights is Sicily – a sunny island in the Mediterranean Sea, which is famous for its beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage and exquisite gastronomic traditions.
Private jet Sicily offers the opportunity to avoid transfers and many hours of waiting at the airport. You can choose a suitable departure and arrival time, as well as a comfortable aircraft that best meets your requirements.

private jet on parking
Photo by Federico Tonini on Unsplash

Advantages of flying on a private jet

The main difference between flying on a private jet and first class lies in the fact that the first option is focused exclusively on you, while charters are more profitable for airlines. They adhere to the schedule, strive to fill the plane to the maximum and impose certain restrictions. Ordering a private jet allows you to fly in the direction you need, at the time and in the environment that will be comfortable for you. In addition, such flights have many advantages. 

  • The problem of regular flights is a high, but insufficient level of security and confidentiality. In the case of choosing a reliable company as an air carrier, the client receives the maximum level of security. This applies not only to the strict protection of the perimeter and the aircraft itself and the exclusion of persons dangerous to the client on the flight, but also the absence of risk of infections.
  • Flights around the world, which means flights are not meant for several countries in Europe, America and Asia, but really for any state and any island where there is an operating airfield.
  • Efficiency and accessibility: regular airlines are often behindhand in the level of service when you have to sit in a not particularly pleasant waiting room, pass control with the rest of the passengers and waste time. By choosing a private operator in civil aviation, the client receives a quick passage of all procedures, such as check-in, etc.
  • First class flights imply decent dishes from the basic menu. Using a private plane, you can order what you like. It can be Lo mein Chinese noodles from your favourite restaurant, a glass of exclusive champagne, Gongbao chicken. In other words, the menu fully takes into account the individual wishes of the guests on board. It is enough to discuss this with the managers in advance.
  • Ability to use the plane as a taxi: there is also such an opportunity, and it is quite cheap, especially abroad, where countries, for example, are located on several islands. In this case, the airline company provides small-sized light jet and screw airplanes. It should be noted that the prices for air taxis are lower than the cost of renting a large private plane, which allows you to travel between cities in maximum comfort without serious costs.
private jet at night
Photo by Adrian Smith on Unsplash

The reasons listed above are only a small part of the advantages of a private jet. When traveling with business partners or friends, as well as in a limited time mode, ordering a business jet will be the most profitable solution. 

Source: private jet hire cost UK