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How Technology Affects Business: 5 Examples

How Technology Affects Business: 5 Examples

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The world is changing rapidly and so is the business industry. The new technologies are appearing faster than light and affecting companies in numerous ways. Business owners who don’t follow new developments have no chances of outdoing the competition.

Technology hasn’t just changed the way people run business, it keeps changing it on a regular basis. Such innovations concern approach to sales, marketing efforts, client communications, customer service, and much more. Below are a few examples of how technologies have affected business in the past several years.

1. Mobile Access

The numerous mobile solutions have opened new horizons for business owners and their clients. While Google is changing its algorithms to reward website with mobile versions, businesses are adjusting their approaches and functions to suit a mobile gadget user.

Today, a person can do virtually anything as long as he or she owns a smartphone.

  • Order products and food
  • Set up appointments
  • Rent a car (or find a taxi)
  • Start a vehicle
  • Book a table at a restaurant
  • Read reviews
  • And much more

Meanwhile, business owners themselves are taking advantage of the ability to work remotely. Content marketing, customer relations, invoice creation, and much more can be done via a smartphone. All you need is the right software.

2. Smart Marketing

New online technologies have made marketing much easier. Numerous software tools (free and paid), are designed to help business owners find target audience without leaving their couches.

Meanwhile, customer outreach, online presence, and content sharing are done with a few clicks of a mouse. Numerous programs have been designed to improve the marketing efforts.

Email address validation allows you to build clean e-mail lists to get a higher conversion rate. Address validation cuts the shipping costs and improves customer relations. Meanwhile, phone validation can keep your communication marketing costs to a minimum.

3. Cloud Computing

The appearance of cloud computing has flipped the world upside down. The opportunities it offers are breathtaking. Businesses are no longer spending money on brick-and-mortar servers to keep their information safe. They take advantage of the cost-efficient cloud storage.

Moving the operation to the third-party servers substantially improves the data security. Meanwhile, all the team members have remote access to the necessary information, which greatly improves the productivity.

Small businesses have benefited from cloud computing since it allows them to cut costs while getting access to numerous resources. Enterprises are mastering cloud computing to optimize the work process.

4. Connectivity

Looking back, it’s easy to remember how much the connectivity used to suffer. The ease with which businesses stay in touch has greatly improved the speed of services. The time it took from one team member to reach another is now saved by text and video messaging. Meanwhile, remote online meetings have saved huge amounts of money on airplane tickets and other transportation.

Marketing efforts have changed drastically. Emails, texts, push-messages, and more have replaced 99% of brochures, sales representative visits, etc., saving time and money while offering more value. Real-time communications have changed the world and the pace we live at.

5. Downtime

While technology is definitely changing business for the better by optimizing and simplifying numerous processes, it’s costing people their downtime. The 24/7 connectivity put an end to most worry-free vacations. Meanwhile, the fast pace doesn’t leave any time for relaxation or procrastination.

The “time off”, which involves physically leaving the office, has disappeared. No matter how far you go, you are always online. The only way to escape is to find a spot without the internet connection. But how many people are ready to survive more than a few hours without being connected?