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Making fun of Fox hosts Sean Hannity and O’reilly from John Oliver’s the Daily Show

Image by RAEng_Publications from Pixabay

John Oliver is a well-known comedian in England and America, who has worked in numerous humorous projects throughout his career. The man is the host of the show, and also creates his own programs, which are awarded with prestigious awards. The comedian tried his hand as a movie actor, did the voice of cartoon characters. Now he rightfully holds the title of the best prankster in the country. It is known that well-known personalities of television and politics are often subjected to humorous criticism. Among them was Sean Hannity, host of the radio talk show ‘the Sean Hannity Show’, which is listened to by millions, and the news TV show ‘ Hannity ‘on ‘Fox News’. John Oliver makes fun of Hannity saying America used to be better.

Speaking on the SiriusXM radio show by Jim Norton and Sam Roberts, Hannity said that he hadn’t seen Oliver’s show, but that Oliver has “a big problem”: he’s not funny.

He said that he didn’t live too concerned with what John Oliver thinks.

Hannity was criticized for spreading the ideas of a movement in the United States that questions the fact that the 44th President Barack Obama is a native of the United States. The host repeatedly called on Obama to show his birth certificate. Sean also made controversial claims about vote rigging in the 2016 election and various conspiracy theories.