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Why should there be a first aid kit
Healthy Life

Why should there be a first aid kit?

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First aid box is an “ambulance” at the first signs of illness or domestic injuries.

Domestic accidents are frequent.  Knife cuts, burns from touching a frying pan or hot oil – all these troubles require first aid.

Every home should have a first-aid kit with the most necessary set of medicines and dressings to provide first aid in the first hours of illness or in case of an accident.

A proper home first aid kit must have the essentials, ambulance telephones and medications.

Essentials include the means necessary for the treatment of household wounds.  The rescue kit includes:

  •  medical alcohol for hand disinfection;
  •  antiseptics such as hydrogen peroxide, iodine, brilliant green;
  •  bandages of different sizes;
  •  sterilized gauze pads;
  •  adhesive plaster;
  •  scissors.

The first aid kit should have a list of emergency telephone numbers so that any family member can call for help as quickly as possible.

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