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What to Expect When Using a Picosure Laser Tool
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What to Expect When Using a Picosure Laser Tool

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Picosure laser treatment is a non-invasive method of removing unwanted skin. This method has minimal side effects and short treatment duration. Patients may experience some redness or swelling during the treatment, but these symptoms should subside shortly afterward. Patients are encouraged to avoid exposure to sunlight after treatment. Direct sunlight can damage healthy skin in the treatment area and cause hyperpigmentation.


Picosure laser treatment is popular for tattoo and hyperpigmentation removal, but it is also helpful for tightening the skin. The picosure laser tools create microscopic photomechanical reactions on the skin, triggering collagen and elastin production. These naturally occurring proteins in the body give the skin a youthful look.

The picosure laser tool is safe for patients with dark skin and is very effective for treating skin discoloration and tattoos. It also helps to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After two to six treatments, patients will see optimal results. The Picosure laser is designed to be painless, and you will feel no pain.

The Picosure laser removes pigmentation cells deep beneath the skin’s surface. One session can take two to three weeks, and each session should be scheduled at least four to eight weeks apart. The results will gradually improve with each session until the tattoo completely disappears.


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Picosecond technology uses tri-wavelength light to deliver more energy and smaller particles to the target tissue. This method is much faster and more efficient than previous technologies, enabling higher energy density and specific targeting. It also reduces thermal diffusion and resulting damage to surrounding tissue. The result is faster treatment, less pain, and less recovery time.

While the first generation of picosecond lasers was designed mainly for tattoo removal, the technology is being explored for other uses, such as skin rejuvenation, scar revision, and pigmentation removal.

Painless treatment

Picosure laser treatment is a safe, effective way to treat your skin. The FDA-approved treatment tool uses ultra-short pulses to target unwanted skin imperfections without damaging your skin. This method produces less scarring and faster recovery times, allowing you to return to your normal activities and makeup the next day.

Patients seeking to get rid of unwanted pigmentation, sun damage, or facial discoloration can opt for a laser treatment. This procedure produces new collagen and helps you achieve a more youthful appearance. 

The Picosure laser offers three wavelengths for treatments. The 755 nm wavelength is the most effective for skin rejuvenation and removing the most pigmented skin lesions. Additionally, it can be used to tighten your skin. It works by reacting to the epidermis and sending a message to the innermost layer of skin, the dermis. This helps the skin produce more collagen and elastin, two proteins that give you that youthful-looking skin.


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PicoSure laser treatments are unique for removing skin pigmentation imperfections without downtime. The laser can be used to treat different parts of the body, including the face. This technology uses Focus Lens Array technology to create microscopic photomechanical reactions on the skin. These reactions trigger cell signaling and activate the body’s natural healing processes. This results in increased collagen and elastin production.