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Why Boat Lift Services Are Essential for Every Boat Owner

Photo by Nan Ingraham on Unsplash

A boat lift holds your boat above water level when it’s not in use. This prevents the grime and wear that results from your boat constantly sitting in the water, extending its lifespan.

In locations with rougher waters, a more heavy-duty lift may be needed for increased durability. It’s important to schedule regular services and inspections to keep your lift working correctly.

Prevent Water Damage

Leaving your boat in the water all year will result in water damage that will decrease your resale value and require expensive repairs. A boat lift minimizes this deterioration by keeping your boat above the water line and away from the elements.

Wet storage causes the hull to accumulate layers of moist scum and residue that are difficult to clean and can lead to corrosion. Using a boat lift keeps the hull clear of this buildup and allows you to avoid expensive scrubbing and paint jobs.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Over time, salt water and environmental elements can damage the lift’s motor, winch, cables, cradles, and deck. Regular inspections and maintenance from experts in boat lifts Palm Beach County, FL will help spot problems before they cause severe or costly damage. For example, a burnt fuse or faulty up-button may seem like minor issues, but they can cause the lift’s posts, beams, and bunks to bear the weight of your boat unevenly. This can result in structural and safety hazard problems for boats and people.

Keep Your Boat Safe

The simplest reason to keep up with your boat lift services is for safety reasons. A damaged lift is a severe hazard for people on your dock and in the water, so it’s vital to repair any damage as soon as you notice it.

Leaving your boat in the water for extended periods is one of the quickest ways to damage it below the waterline. This can lead to algae growth, corrosion, and leaks. These repairs can be expensive, but regular boat lift maintenance can help you avoid them and save money.

A functional boat lift allows you to load and unload your boat easily. This means you don’t have to spend time tying and untying lines or scrubbing away icky algae when ready to head out on the water again. 

Prevent Scrapes

When your boat sits in the water, it can become one of the most vulnerable parts of your dock. Not only can marine growth (like destructive slime, barnacles, and zebra mussels) grow on your boat, but weather conditions like crashing waves and shifting water levels cause scrapes and scratches on your boat’s hull.

A lift will safely hoist your boat from the water during storage, reducing damage and making maintenance and cleaning easier. It’s also a smart investment, increasing the value of your home and minimizing maintenance costs over time.

When preparing to use your lift after a flood or storm, check it out for damage and wear. Look for bent or twisted beams, broken bunks, and winch drives that are out of alignment. Check lift cables for kinks, abrasions, or frays and have any worn-out replaced as soon as possible to avoid disasters. Also, make sure the controls work properly.

Photo by Iswanto Arif on Unsplash

Save Money

When a boat is left bobbing at the dock, it is vulnerable to algae growth, marine life, and deterioration from rain, wind, and waves. It also becomes a target for vandalism and theft. A boat lift allows you to raise the boat out of the water when not in use to protect it from all of these things and more.

With proper care, a quality boat lift can last for years and even decades. However, it is always important to remember that a boat lift needs regular maintenance and replacement of its cables.

If your boat is located along a rough area of the lake, river, or ocean, consider installing a more heavy-duty lift. This lift type typically comes with additional support, bracing, and reinforcement to withstand rough waters and weather conditions much harsher than other areas.