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Evaluate Quality of Products

Photo by Declan Sun on Unsplash

Polyurethane bushings are products that are used in a wide variety of applications: from complex industries to use in printing technology. For example, polyurethane shock absorber bushings are widely used by motorists to repair vehicles. In some cases, polyurethane spring bushings are used. Such parts are used in various industries for the correct functioning of complex equipment.

The main properties of polyurethane bushings are the following:

  • Wear resistance
  • Elasticity
  • Low friction values
  • Resistance to oils, fuel and petrol
  • High-pressure operation
  • Resistance to aggressive environments
  • Large operating temperature range
  • Long service life
person inspecting bottom of the car
Image by Unsplash+

It is also worth noting the fact that the stabilizer bushings made of polyurethane are much more adapted to low temperatures. If similar parts made of ordinary rubber, even with a slight “minus”, begin to become stiff thoroughly, while polyurethane perfectly retains its original elasticity. And with severe frosts in the region of -40C, the rubber bushings acquire total hardness at all. It is impossible to bend them. In turn, even in such cold weather, polyurethane bushings still have some elasticity.

Some users pay attention to the fact that when using polyurethane bushings, the stabilizer may fail (due to wear of seal housings). Still, the reason here is not at all in the bushings themselves. In any case, natural abrasives – dirt and rust – will accumulate on the surface of the stabilizer.

Due to the above advantages, many have already managed to evaluate the quality of polyurethane products and polyurethane linings.

Reliable supplier

It remains to turn to a reliable supplier of polyurethane products, who is ready to meet the following requirements of mutually beneficial cooperation:

  • Reliability
  • Using the latest equipment
  • Large assortment
  • Fast production time
  • Affordable cost of products
  • Professionalism and extensive experience
car tire change
Image by Unsplash+

What does the price of products depend on?

The final price of a polyurethane item depends on the following factors:

  • Order volume
  • Additional components
  • Deadlines for the completion of your order

Contact the manager online to find out the exact price.