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The Importance of Wall Caddy for Horse Owners

Photo by Helena Lopes on Unsplash

A wall caddy helps keep horse gear off the floor, reducing dirt and creating a less tripping hazard. They also save space and are easy to clean.

Stables need ventilation for air quality and to control heat and moisture—openings at eaves and ridge increase winter airflow and summer breezes.



A caddy makes a great place to store a horse’s saddle and bridle and tack cleaning supplies, such as shampoos, conditioners, and detanglers. Many wall caddies are made from sturdy materials, and some feature mouse-proof enclosures to protect equipment from critters.

A tack wall caddy can also help to encourage horses to play. Hanging toys such as the Likit Tongue Twister about three feet from the stall wall at wither height (research has shown this placement to reduce cribbing by 23%, according to Cornell University) can encourage horses to play by spinning and licking the toy.

A tack caddy can also help to promote proper stall ventilation. Ventilation is vital for horse health, and a stall should have fresh air openings for each stall and eaves and ridge vents to limit air mixing. 

person washing the horse
Image by Unsplash+


A wall caddy allows you to store your equestrian gear in one place, making it easy to access. It also helps keep your equipment clean, ensuring it is ready for use. It can also help to save space, allowing you to free up room in your horse barn.

Providing your horses with adequate water is essential for their health. Typically, horses drink between five and ten gallons of water per day. To ensure they can access fresh water, install a water bucket deicer or insulated buckets in your horse’s stall. You should also provide plenty of water in turnout areas as well.



Stable horses spend five to ten gallons of water daily, and providing easy access keeps their health in check. Installing a wall-mounted hay feeder minimizes forage contact with stall bedding and waste and improves digestion by encouraging horses to eat naturally.

Stall accessories increase the comfort of stabled horses, and a caddy allows horse owners to keep equipment neatly organized. This reduces the risk of tripping or tripping over gear, which can lead to injuries for the horse and rider.

A durable and efficient storage solution, this caddy maximizes locker space while offering a dry-erase surface for planning and reminders, magnetic hooks, and rear compartments for additional storage. This rustic design uses galvanized metal and wire mesh to offer a useful charm that complements barn decor. The top features a solid pocket with an embossed nameplate next to a wide wire mesh pocket that offers ample room for outgoing mail. A swivel-mounted blanket bar system is also provided for storing saddle pads, blankets, and wraps.

person cleaning the horse
Image by Unsplash+

Aesthetic Appeal

A well-organized horse stable can save time and effort for the owner. A wall caddy helps make this possible, allowing owners to access their jumping equipment easily. It also prevents tripping over equipment, a significant safety concern for horses and humans.

Hanging a bathroom caddy in a barn allows horse owners to store grooming supplies such as combs, brushes, and spray bottles. Most models are even mouse-proof, providing an effective deterrent to common household critters.