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Beard benefits

Beard benefits

Photo by Chris Knight on Unsplash

A beard, from the point of view of both women and many men, complements the image favorably. A bearded guy becomes more courageous, sexier. And a beard in adulthood adds solidity. The hair on the face is of a different type than the hair on the head. It concentrates a characteristic personal scent that helps to attract the opposite sex.

It reduces allergic and asthmatic symptoms: a beard is beneficial if a man has allergies or asthma. It acts as a filter, preventing the penetration of irritants from the external environment. It filters the air, which has a beneficial effect on the health of teeth and gums. But a beard must be kept clean and looked after with special blackbeardproducts.

It reduces the frequency of shaving: if you shave the beard often, guys run the risk of acne and spots on the face due to infection of the hair follicles.