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huggie earring

Fashion Trend of Spring

Photo by Leohoho on Unsplash

Huggie earrings look as cute as their name sounds. This decoration consists of small hoops that fit the earlobe. Wearing such an accessory is very convenient, it has hinged or lever fasteners.

An additional advantage of these jewelry is that there is no threat of losing the back of the earrings. Moreover, huggy earrings are very light, so they are ideal for those who have sensitive earlobes, or if you do not want to wear heavy earrings that stretch the lobes. Since these ornaments are almost weightless, they are easy to wear for a long time.

Great combination with other earrings

Since the huggie earrings are very small and have a simple design, they can be combined with other earrings. If you have several piercings in one ear, huggie earrings can be used with other accessories. They will look good with both rings and carnations, which will allow you to create an individual image.

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Add charm

Demonstrate your personality by adding charm to the “hugs”. Just thread the keychain into the ring of the earring before putting it on. You can use a variety of pendants that fit the same pair. This will eliminate the need to purchase several earrings to get different images.

Add flickering

Huggie earrings with precious stones are a great idea for creating an individual image. Pay attention to huggie earrings 14k from OOTDY. This will add more shine to you. Such accessories look great on their own, but they can easily be combined with other jewelry.

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If you couldn’t decide which huggie earrings to choose, why not buy them all? You will then be able to create real full-fledged jewelry sets that will attract attention to your image. Do not be afraid to combine cubic zirconia, enamel pendants and even green topaz in one image.