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An integral part of every look

An integral part of every look

Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

Jewelry is an integral part of every woman’s look.  Every woman has them.  And why wear them, few people ask.  After all, it is clear that rings, earrings and bracelets need to be worn for beauty.  Indeed, this is the main reason to wear jewelry.

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Many believe that jewelry tells others about our character and temperament.  And for this it is not at all necessary to know psychology – everything happens on an intuitive level.  Here’s what jewelry is talking about:

  • Classic jewelry is chosen by the owner of a calm, judicious disposition. They have a soft, docile nature, but it is difficult to make contact, having a little fear of strangers.
  • Small pendants, medium-sized beads, a thin bracelet with original weaving – this is the choice of a modest, shy girl. She does not like to stand out from the crowd, it is difficult for her to meet new people.
  • Lovers of large stones, massive earrings and bracelets have an open character. They are confident, self-centered and adventurous.  They easily make new acquaintances and make contact with strangers.

If beads and rings are worn every other time, then earrings are one of the most popular accessories.  Beautiful earrings are not just jewelry, but a real magical amulet, especially if the earrings are with a stone.  Jewelry gives the image of femininity, and also fill the lady with amazing energy.  Different decorations have different effects on a person, as they can affect different energetic centers.  Finding the perfect piece of jewelry the first time will be quite difficult.  The appearance of the product plays an important role.  When choosing a piece of jewelry, it is important not only to look at its attractiveness and conformity to the image, but also the inner feeling.  You will immediately feel when you find the perfect piece of jewelry, as you will be tempted to wear it all the time.  And if you want to learn more about such an accessory, then it is best to read the history of earrings.

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