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Face Wrinkle Map

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Wrinkles on the face are classified according to the localization of their occurrence, depth and mechanism of formation. The map of wrinkles on the face will tell you which Anti-Aging Retinol Alternative Cream will help to correct certain signs of age.

Lines of dehydration

Lines of dehydration are superficial fine wrinkles that occur due to dehydration of tela, regardless of age. Dehydration of the skin is a temporary phenomenon and can be easily corrected by intensive moisturizing and protection of the skin from transepidermal moisture loss. Use Firming & Lifting Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid for this.

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Mimic wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles on the face may appear at a young age (18-20 years) in places of the most active facial expressions. Dehydration, dry skin type or genetic predisposition to early aging can aggravate the situation. Firming, moisturizing and tonic care products will help to correct mimic wrinkles. For men we recommend Penebella Mens Face Moisturizer Cream.

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Deep / age wrinkles

Deep / age wrinkles appear at the age of 25-35, with time they become visible. It will be possible to smooth out such wrinkles with the help of products based on antioxidants, peptides, moisturizers like Brighten & Repair Under Eye Moisturizer and hydrofixators (hyaluronic acid, glycerin), vegetable oil extracts, vitamins (A, E, C, B5).

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As a rule, at the age of 45+ years in the body of a woman there is a decrease in the production of the hormone estrogen, which leads to dryness and a decrease in the elasticity of the epidermis. In addition, pigmentation becomes more noticeable, wrinkles take the form of deep static furrows, the oval of the face loses its clarity. To prevent such changes, use an anti-aging treatment containing peptides, pro-xylan and lipids to increase the density and overall tone of the skin.

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