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person grooming his dog

Steps in Grooming and Bathing Your Dog

Photo by Hayffield L on Unsplash

Grooming your dog at home can help you save time and money whether they only need a quick bath or a comprehensive cleaning. Just allow plenty of time and use a bathtub that’s big enough for your pup. Begin by brushing your dog to remove loose hair and light tangles and help prevent matting during bathing. Next, gather all the shampoos, combs and towels you need and keep them by your washing area.

Nail Trimming

Trimming your dog’s nails is one of the most important grooming tasks, as long and overgrown nails can cause pain to your pet as they walk. It can also lead to other problems, including a loss of traction, brittle nails and even separation of toes (onychorrhexis). It is best to start this process early, so your pet becomes accustomed to having their paws handled. While trimming the nail, it is important not to cut the wire containing blood vessels and nerves. It is located near the natural curve of the nail and is often hard to see. If mistakenly sliced, it may result in bleeding and discomfort for your pet. If this happens, styptic powder or flour can stop the bleeding. A dog groomer Penn Yan NY, with years of experience, knows exactly how to make a pet look good without hurting it. These experts will check the animal for scratches and thorns and use antiseptic treatments to stop infections.


No one likes muddy paw prints and stinky dogs, so bathing regularly is important for grooming. Dogs who play outside often will naturally get dirty, but frequent bathing also helps keep their skin and coat clean and healthy. It is also helpful for preventing the spread of bacteria and fungus, which can cause infections in pets and people. Prepare the bathing area beforehand – a non-slip mat in the tub or sink, for example, and shampoo or soap. Brushing the dog before bathing them is a good idea to help prevent matting and tangling. It is also a good opportunity to provide them with a massage, which can be a relaxing experience for your pet.

dog in bath
Photo by benjamin lehman on Unsplash


Grooming is an important part of your dog’s routine. It keeps them looking fabulous, helps prevent disease from fleas and ticks and is an excellent bonding time. When grooming your dog, always use the right tools for the job. A metal pin brush or rubber curry is perfect for long-haired breeds that shed heavily, and a comb is ideal for short-haired dogs that tend to get tangled easily. Brushing your dog before bathing is also a good idea, as knots will quickly transform into mats once wet. As you brush your dog, make sure they associate the comb or brush with treats to stay calm and happy. Doing so will ensure your dog is comfortable with general handling and may make handling their fur, ears and nails easier during other situations.

Teeth Cleaning

The most obvious reason for teeth cleaning your dog is to keep their breath fresh. It may seem like a trivial issue, but foul breath is indicative of an underlying health problem in many dogs. If left untreated, bacterial buildup in your pet’s mouth can cause gum disease with red, inflamed gums that bleed easily and bad breath. It can lead to the deterioration of tooth roots and bone. Eventually, the origins of your dog’s teeth will rot and break off. While dental products, chews and dental-specific diets help slow the progression of periodontal disease, a professional dental cleaning (under anesthesia) is essential to your dog’s oral health. It will reduce bacteria and prevent serious health problems like kidney disease, heart conditions, diabetes, etc.

dogs teeth
Photo by Yoav Hornung on Unsplash

Skin Care

The skin is a key protective layer to keep your dog safe from infections, regulates body temperature and keeps dirt out. It also protects their delicate paws and ears. When their skin is healthy, they will be comfortable and happy. If they have an underlying condition such as itchy dandruff or dry and brittle coats, their skin may need a special care regime and bathing. When bathing your pet, use a shampoo designed specifically for dogs, as human hair products can cause major pH imbalances in your dog’s skin. The best choice is a natural, gentle, non-sulfate shampoo that is fragrance and paraben-free. Regular brushing also helps to remove flakes of skin and improve the shine of your dog’s coat. Keeping your pet’s skin healthy can be challenging, but it is important to watch for signs of discomfort and take action early.