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The religious debates between Atheist Christopher Hitchens and Pastor Douglas

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Christopher Hitchens is one of the most influential intellectuals of our time, a secular humanist, a staunch atheist, an anti-clerical, and a vocal critic of Islamism. He became famous for his sharp and convincing criticism of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. He was a Professor in the Department of Journalism at the University of California, Berkeley, and a visiting Professor at the New school in New York. In 2009 Forbes magazine ranked Hitchens among the 25 most influential liberals in the United States.

The cooperation between Hitchens and Wilson started in 2007, when Hitchens asked someone to discuss his point of view after the release of his publication, “God is not great”. Wilson’s assistant heard the suggestion and connected with Hitchens, which led to a number of written discussions published in “Christianity today”, which were ultimately combined into the publication “Is Christianity good for the world?”. Director Darren Doan heard about the debates between them and tracked them down to make a shoot. When they at last met personally during the filming, they were communicating well regardless of their  hot conversations. Once Hitchens underlined: “I haven’t come across with a statement yet that would make me alter my mind … After all, I have found that the representatives of Christianity are much less monolithic, have the qualities of politeness and hospitality than I supposed before”.

In his turn, Wilson said that atheists can be good personalities, can share Christian views, and Christians can reject some things that are rejected by atheists.