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Real Estate

Investing in Dubai Real Estate with High Returns

Photo by Timo Volz on Unsplash

Dubai, one of the most famous cities in the UAE, continues its rapid growth as one of the world’s leading centers of business and tourism. After many years of development of the city, the emirate is ready to offer new developments in Dubai.

There are at least five reasons for the profitability of investments in Arab real estate:

  • Economic stability of the country.
  • High quality of life.
  • Affordable prices for real estate in the residential complex with the highest yield.
  • Absence of taxes on property in the property and on the profit from renting it out.
  • The possibility of obtaining a residence permit for investing in real estate in a residential complex in Dubai.
white real estate
Photo by Grant Lemons on Unsplash

To be able to stay permanently in the country, it is enough just to own a house in the property. There are proposals for obtaining a temporary business visa when buying a home in a number of residential estates. Investors in profitable real estate note its liquidity as an advantage. If there is a desire to sell an apartment, there will be no problems with this.

Real estate in the residential estate at the price of the developer

According to analytical agencies, the yield on real estate in the residential estates reaches 10%. The demand is due to the developed infrastructure of the residential development. Modern developments are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay: sports fields, swimming pools, play areas for kids. Real estate in the residential development with the highest yield for rent is always in demand both among local residents and among those who come to the city for work or on vacation. Therefore, there is no doubt about the return on investment in real estate in residential compounds: it brings a stable profit.

The price of objects directly depends on the area of housing and its type. The penthouses located on the top floor of the building have the highest cost. Studio apartments are more affordable. You can find an option that costs from 300,000 dirhams. The most profitable investments in real estate is in new buildings in Dubai acquired at the construction stage. In some urban districts, a one-bedroom apartment can be bought for 400,000 dirhams. .

Modern technologies allow you to do this remotely. In order to invest in real estate in the new developments of Dubai, you only need to have an idea in which district of the city you would like to buy an apartment. Investments in new buildings are profitable and safe.

high building in dubai
Photo by Amir Hanna on Unsplash


With its booming real estate and continued growth, Dubai is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for those looking for a quality lifestyle. The city’s commitment to innovation and development provides its residents with access to one of the most modern and luxurious housing options in the world.

Whether you are a young professional looking for a modern apartment near your workplace, or a family wanting a spacious house with many amenities for themselves and children, apartments in residential complexes of Dubai will definitely meet your needs.