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Real Estate

The Difference Between Luxury Housing and The Usual Segment

Photo by Daniel Barnes on Unsplash

In the high-budget real estate segment, three classes of housing are distinguished: business class, premium and luxury (the last two are the elite real estate segment like Mahogany Bay Real Estate). The classification is formed by a number of characteristics: from the location, the level of complexity and innovativeness of the engineering of the house, its safety and landscape design of the adjacent territory to the quality of finishing materials and ceiling heights.

For premium new buildings, there are strict pricing and even design criteria that all objects are subject to. For example, in each class there are design instructions for the average area of ​​an apartment and layout in relation to the number of rooms. So in a luxury apartment like in Mahogany Bay Belize for each bedroom, a separate dressing room and a bathroom should be designed, and in the premium class this requirement is no longer so strict: it remains for the master bedroom, but one is already allowed for two children’s bedrooms. bathroom or one dressing room. Therefore, price fluctuations by several times for basically similar objects of the primary market are impossible, which cannot be said about the secondary one.

Location and infrastructure

The closer to the business, political and cultural center of the city, the more prestigious and expensive, as a rule, we are talking about elite residential complexes; if we are talking about a suburban project, the place should be with ideal ecology, but at the same time with good transport accessibility – a convenient route should be laid to the city

luxury house photo
Photo by Naomi Ellsworth on Unsplash

Infrastructure nearby

The best schools, kindergartens and universities of the city; be sure to have restaurants, sports complexes and beauty salons nearby. In business-class housing, all the infrastructure necessary for life should simply be (in mass segments of real estate, with the availability of everything at once, there may be problems).

View from the windows, significant places

Expensive residential complexes always advertise their proximity to some iconic objects of the city (be it the city hall, the main fountain or the football arena). In addition, they must have spectacular views – for example, premium real estate often boasts views of local attractions.


Such housing is built only according to author’s projects. And, if business-class residential complexes are most often multi-storey, then premium and elite housing, on the contrary, often strives for intimacy, and de-luxe class houses can generally have only 20-30 apartments. But one way or another, high-budget projects always stand out for their appearance: they make large terraces, roof gardens, glass transition galleries between buildings, etc.

cozy little house
Photo by Ann Wallace on Unsplash

Windows and balconies

Expensive projects (especially high-rise luxury residential complexes) may not have balconies at all, but panoramic and French windows, terraces, bay windows and so on are typical here.


Yards look very tidy – with fashionable benches, ideal lawns, art objects, landscape plantings, fountains, etc. Children’s towns in projects of the “business” class and above are often made with the expectation of different ages of children and, for example, here maybe even a skate park. Entrance for cars is always organized separately.