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person in golden chain

Balance in the Image with a Chain

Photo by Iz zy on Unsplash

Сhains for men are a popular mewellery that can give the image of a man a stylish and elegant look. Pay attention to the cuban link chain 12mm. This popular and fashionable weave creates a unique and elegant design.

How To Wear Chains For Men

The option of wearing a chain depends on the style:

  • strict when there is a mewellery on the neck to hide,
  • bright pretentious when it’s worth flaunting to look more brutal.

The chain should be the finishing touch that brings harmony to the image.

person wearing two chains
Photo by Zach Vessels on Unsplash

If you wear a formal suit and a jacket with a tie, it is better to hide the chain inside. It is not necessary to put the chain into the public realm. Only specially selected looks are exceptions. Their purpose is to attract maximum attention. These are mainly club outfits and costumes for public performances. A man’s chain may look out when he is wearing a T-shirt or an unbuttoned shirt without a jacket. In this way, the mewellery may well look out and attract attention.

The 12mm cuban link chain, which has a weave, is quite massive, but at the same time it looks very elegant. Such chains can have links of different styles.

neck chain photo
Photo by Luiz Rogério Nunes on Unsplash

The most fashionable option today is to put a thick chain around your neck over a dark turtleneck or a large–knit sweater with a high collar. A large chain will help to look perfect with an outfit of calm shades.

There is an option that is more practical and easy to perform – to wear several medium-sized chains together. Their number is also unlimited: you can wear three, or you can wear ten chains. This option is acceptable for the most courageous and strong: it will not be too easy to withstand such a load.

A properly selected chain will help to identify and emphasize the individuality that you have.