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How to choose a good gas stove
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How to choose a good gas stove

Image by piviso from Pixabay

The variety of gas devices is growing every day, and not everyone knows how to choose the best gas stove. In order to calculate everything right, you need to know about several functional features that will become fundamental in its use.

Which gas stove is best for your kitchen, built-in or separate? Kitchen furniture will help with this, it will tell you which type of installation is right for it. Sometimes kitchen manufacturers offer their own options that are more suitable for its size, color and design. If your family cooks often and in large quantities, visually imagine how several pans and pots are on the stove at once, they should not interfere with each other, or do this experiment right in the store.

The number of burners, as well as the power, is selected by the buyer individually according to his needs. There can be from two to six rings. They have different types of torch, size and shape. Remember how often it happens that you have to cook in a hurry, if so, choose burners with a higher heat output, this will quickly heat the water in a saucepan or kettle. Combined burners are installed in ultra-modern stoves, with 2-3 rings for the flame, they can be adjusted separately. This privilege is addressed to experienced chefs who know how to choose the right regime for a particular dish. There are triangular, oval and square burners, they do not have a grate, since they function as a stand on their own.

The use of matches and lighters is already a thing of the past; most gas stoves are equipped with an “electric ignition” system. It is located on the control panel as a separate button: press it and at the same time adjust the flame strength. For the manufacture of the case, strong enameled steel is used, it is resistant to corrosion and has high strength.