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Cost effective lead generation for tradesmen

Cost effective lead generation for tradesmen

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Whilst word of mouth is certainly the singular most important marketing tool you have as a tradesman, there will always be periods where business seems quiet. The truth is that relying on word of mouth alone is simply not going to be enough for consistent work day in day out. So in this guide we introduce you to some simple ideas that can drum you up some leads practically overnight.

Make sure you always hand out a business card to happy customers.

One way of making sure your word of mouth works as well as it can is by always having business cards to hand. That way your happy customers can pass on your card when they have a friend in need of your services.

Makes sure you have an online presence.

Do you have a website? No? Well you’re most certainly missing out. Today it is more important than ever for local businesses to have a websites. Google is increasingly moving over to localised results (you may have noticed this as a map now appears with a list of businesses in the search results). This means that having a website appearing in those results is essential, particularly as more and more people are using their mobiles to browse for trade services online.
If you can’t afford a website right now then take to social media Anyone from apprentices to established businesses can use these tips to help them gain a better presence.

Registering with online directories.

Making sure that you appear online in the main directories such as “yell” and “thompson local” is more important than you may think. Millions of people still use these websites to search for services and if you’re not in the results then you’re handing business to your competitors on a plate.
You should also check out the tradesmen specific directories. These websites spend massive amounts on advertising and have significant traffic. So although you may have to pay a yearly fee, the business you receive in return will no doubt eclipse any membership fee.

Check out your online reviews.

Consumers love to complain when services go wrong; but they also love to compliment when they’re particularly impressed. Check out whether any of your previous customers have left online reviews for you and set about always asking for a review when you complete a job to your client’s satisfaction.

Print and deliver some flyers.

Getting flyers printed through online printers is far more cost effective than many people realise. You can also use their online templates to save on design services. Once you have your flyers to hand you should think about which areas are going to be most lucrative for your business and if you are going to use a flyer delivery service the make sure you do your research first. There are few ways to be sure that a flyer delivery company has actually delivered all your flyers so reputation is everything.