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Reasons drinking water at work

Reasons drinking water at work

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If you find yourself craving for a coffee or tea in the morning and almost falling asleep in the afternoon then it may be time to cut down on the caffeine. So here are 6 reasons to help you with a little motivation to make the switch from caffeine to drinking more water.

6 Reasons drinking water at work increases productivity and prevents problems

1. Because it could help you avoid bone problems

There are plenty of scientific studies that have linked coffee to significant calcium loss, and such loss can very often only lead to one thing: osteoporosis. This is because caffeine is acidic, and each and every cup you drink means that calcium is sourced from your bones in order to neutralize your body’s PH levels. In later life this osteoporosis can mean aperson has bones that are more prone to breaking and joints that are painful.

2. To detox

If you’re a coffee addict then take heed…. Coffee has the most pesticides of all foods in the entire world! In fact, during the processes of coffee making there are so many chemicals used that many coffee crop workers have died as a result of inhaling deadly substances.

3. To look healthier

By opting for water instead of caffeine you’ll be doing your skin a huge favour. Reducing your toxin levels and cleansing your skin from the inside out will leave you with clear skin that’s free from spots and grease.

4. To be healthier

Caffeine is well known for being detrimental to the health of a person’s heart, and reducing your caffeine levels, even by half, can see you reduce the risk of you having a heart attack. Water also helps you maintain healthy joints, keeping them cushioned and flexible.

What’s more, there may well be more serious conditions that have links to coffee. A perfect example of which is the 1981 Harvard study, where they found that heating coffee created the chemicalsMethylglyoxal, benzopyrene, and chlorogenicatractyosides.They concluded their study by making the shocking claims that coffee could be directly and scientifically linked to anything up to half of all pancreatic cancers. Specifically they said that drinking three cups of coffee per day increased a person’s risk of pancreatic cancer three times over!

5. Tolose weight

If for no other reason you should drink more water to lose weight, not only is water calorie free but it’s also good for speeding up your body’s metabolism, which means that your burn fat and build muscle far faster.

6. To be more productive

Everyone knows that drinking water helps you stay hydrated, but not many people know that caffeine acts as a diuretic (which, in lay man’s terms, means it actively dehydrates you). Now hydration is a far more complex bodily condition than many appreciate, and it can lead to a whole host of problems, such as lethargy, irritability, loss of focus and concentration and decrease cognitive skills.
Aqua Vitae name can install and manage your business’ water coolers, which can help your staff keep happy, healthy and, of course, more productive throughout the day.