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What is a Cattle Roundup Belt and Its Importance

Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash

Using a cattle roundup belt can be essential for any farm. It can help keep cows out of danger, keep them from crossing a line, and protect the rest of the herd from injury.

Curved race

A well-designed curved cattle handling facility should be distinct from a tangle of ropes. To keep cattle moving, the old school of thought is to line them up in the shortest possible time, preferably in a single-file fashion. It has the effect of minimizing accidents. The hypothesis, as mentioned earlier, is best exemplified by the presence of an appropriately placed yet unobtrusive handler walkway that runs alongside the race. It is also prudent to use a single track to avoid the need to reverse directions to stow a straggler. Ensure the track is paved with a smooth finish to prevent unnecessary stress and strain. Curved tracks should be at least a foot wide. The old school of thought is a five-foot radius turn if space is at a premium.

The best part is that when cattle have to make the trip from one point to the next, the time taken can be reduced by up to 50%. A correctly implemented curved chute should shave a lot of time off your workday.

Texas Longhorn in the Pen
Photo by Delaney Van on Unsplash

Straight race

When designing a cattle roundup belt, you’ll want to ensure you don’t make the following three mistakes. One of the most common is constructing a too-wide race. A race with too many straight sections will get bogged down by the cattle. Another mistake to avoid is placing a fence at the wrong height. For English breeds, you’ll need to keep your fencing at a minimum of 167 to 183 cm.

To be safe, you’ll need to choose a length of at least 3 m. It may be a stretch for some people, especially those with a large cattle herd. The requisite size for a single-file race is nine meters, and a ten-meter mark is for a multi-row setup. You’ll also want to construct a well-thought-out handler’s walkway. These are essential when dealing with large herds. There’s a good chance that your herd of cattle is the most critical commodity on your farm.

Crowd pen

A cattle roundup belt is an essential part of the cattle industry. It allows ranchers to sort and move cattle from alleys and feedlots quickly. They can be used for vaccinations, ear tagging, and other procedures.

Using a curved chute can save up to 50% of the time it takes to move cattle. It is because they take advantage of the natural tendency of cattle to circle a handler. The curved chute prevents them from seeing the truck or the squeeze chute.

Happy cow heading to the alpine pastures, Eriz, Switzerland
Photo by Anthony Gomez on Unsplash

Curved races are also used to move cattle into a crowded pen. When designing a curved race, it is crucial to ensure that the design is smooth and continuous. Otherwise, animals will become frustrated and will balk at the entrance.

Cattle can become agitated when separated from their herd, especially if exposed to people. Therefore, a round crowd pen is best. It has solid fences, a crowd gate, and a curved chute.