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Four reasons to swap from paper to plastic card mailers

Image by dference from Pixabay

Homeowners receive dozens of solicitation mailings each week. Most of these mailings are often overlooked or thrown away. Even sales letters with eye-catching imprints and eye-catching designs can be overlooked in the pile of sales letters that recipients receive. Research indicates that 83% of purchases are influenced by direct mail, while 56% of recipients enjoy receiving direct mail.

To attract new customers and increase sales, it is important that mailers stand out. Several methods can accomplish this, but one method will stand out from the pile and that is a plastic card mailer. Plastic card mailers have a different feel stand out from paper mailers.

Four reasons to swap from paper to plastic card mailers

To remain competitive and ensure that customers take notice of mailers, the mailers need to stand out from the crowd.

1. Durable and waterproof

Plastic card mailers are durable. They can easily withstand the harshest of delivery processes and remain intact when reaching a recipient, looking as great as when they were initially printed. A plastic card mailer is also waterproof.

2. Exclusive

Research on direct mail has shown that mail with the recipient’s name on it makes the recipient feel important. It allows the sender to communicate directly with the recipient. Customers tend to appreciate offers and promotions more when the customer’s name is on the mail.

3. Value

Since a plastic card mailer has a sleek design and feels good, customers find it harder to throw away this type of mail. These mailers tend to be more visually appealing and appear more expensive than traditional paper mailers.

4. Touch

Plastic card mailers have a different, more luxurious feel than traditional paper mailers. Customers will take notice of a plastic card mailer and pay more attention to it than traditional paper mailers.