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Dynamics of the prices for real estate

Dynamics of the prices for real estate

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Resort houses in Spain: it is checked up and is very reliable – dynamics of the prices for real estate.

Priority direction at purchase of the second house is Spain. Today in Spain the quantity of transactions with «the second houses» makes about the third part from total number of transactions in the real estate market. For the last years this sector has shown the most dynamical growth in the regional market of real estate.

«The second house» participants of the largest regional associations in the real estate market – National Association of realtors of the USA which was represented on the Madrid salon of real estate by the coordinator of PLANK BEDS on countries of Western Europe Norman Flinn, and the European confederation on real estate have seriously attended to acquisition problems also. According to National association of realtors of Spain, more than 1,5 million foreigners have chosen this country for purchase of the second residence. According to the operating director of company EstateService Gennady Tuzova, the reason of similar development of a situation are simple and obvious: a favorable climate and ecology and – the most important thing – that Spain is the developed European state.« It is possible to speak as much as necessary about dynamics of a rise in prices for real estate in other countries, prospects and development of this market, but the Europeans who have got used to a certain standard of living, in most cases conversations on prospect not very much arrange, – Mr. Tuzov marks. – presence of the debugged system of public health services, roads and an infrastructure, high cultural level and a low crime rate – all these parameters necessary for quiet and serene life on rest, in Spain are already today ».

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