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Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles

Commercial Real Estate in Los Angeles

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Why Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the hub of the greater Los Angeles area where you can find yourself nestled among some of the most successful and innovative corporate and grass roots business environments. Home of media giants and entertainment studios, Los Angeles has a reputation for glamor and opulence world wide that is not easily matched.

Its fame and notoriety make it a choice for corporate headquarters or as secondary locations for a West Coast connection. If your enterprise is of a creative or public genre then Los Angeles California is the place to be!

Why Lease a Commercial Premises instead of Buying?

With the high turnover of corporate start ups and the fast passed nature of the Los Angeles business community, special needs and requirements change frequently, therefore commitment to a long term real estate investment can be risky. A rental agreement allows a short term commitment and added flexibility in this ever changing market.

West Fifth Street, Los Angeles

Another dense commercial hub in the heart of Los Angeles, is West Fifth Street. Large corporate complexes dot the area creating a hive of productivity and a vast wealth of business knowledge and experience. This stylish and sophisticated corporate district has some distinct and beautiful architecture and some of the corporate grounds have gardens for employees and tenants that are as impressive as you would see at a country estate.

Century Park East, Los Angeles

Century Park east is home The Plaza at number 1800 which is a prestigious commercial setting that has set the standard for commercial tenancy in the area. Century Park is close to many of the more extravagant and wealthy areas of Los Angeles. A world famous location such as Beverly Hills and Bel Air being practically in your business back yard is a fantastic asset to your venture that should not be underestimated.

Pricing Listed Vs Unlisted

The rental market is highly competitive, in the interests of the real estate brokers as well as agents clients sometimes it is necessary to play the cards close to their chest when stating exact rental prices and figures. But one can gain access to the information quickly and easily by contacting the relevant agent and expressing your sincere interest.

20 Top Commercial Real Estate Picks in the Los Angeles area

5670 Wilshire Blvd LA Located in the stunning Miracle Mile’ this beautifully designed and constructed corporate center has a decadent marble lined lobby and superb water frontage, this 5,000 square foot commercial space is the perfect home for a flourishing business endeavor or offshoot office location. Rates available upon request from the real estate agent.

3415 South Sepulveda Blvd LA – This divine collection of executive suites is located in one of the world’s most desirable commercial locations. Overlooking West L.A. the 12 storey Sepulveda center is beautifully set amongst lush gardens and picturesque lawns. You can find out how much this much prized piece of commercial real estate by contacting the agent directly. With its charm and appeal this is an office location that will make a stellar first impression on any client and passersby alike!