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What is a dedicated proxy and why is it needed at all?

Image by Peter Olexa from Pixabay

A dedicated proxy server is a proxy that you buy or rent for a predetermined period, which only you have access to. This means that this IP address will belong only to you, so the site owners will think that this is your real IP address. This is one of the advantages of a dedicated proxy, but there are a number of other advantages.

Why do some people prefer dedicated proxies?

It’s not hard to guess that there are professions that require dedicated proxies. This proxy differs from a general proxy in the way requests are processed. If you use a shared proxy, then, firstly, you do not know the origin of the specified IP address, and secondly, it is not known who used it before you and what requests he was interested in. All this can affect the quality and quantity of information found.

Advantages of a dedicated proxy

The main advantages of a dedicated proxy:

  • A higher level of data collection success, since IP addresses will have a “clean” history;
  • Since the IP address belongs only to you, no one else will be able to connect to it, so the processing speed of your requests will be high.

Disadvantages of a dedicated proxy

The main disadvantages of a dedicated proxy:

  •  Usually a more expensive option.


Both proxies are excellent and effective options for people who have a need to circumvent restrictions on the territory or on the number of requests in real time. The first option is more expensive, but more effective for complex target sites, while the second is suitable for simpler and more modest tasks. Knowing the pros and cons of a dedicated proxy, you can understand whether you need it and whether work goals require it.