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Weaved hair: from antiquity to the present

Weaved hair: from antiquity to the present

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

What is false hair? Most likely, we will hear an unambiguous answer: “False hair is a wig.” In general, the answer is correct, however, most people do not even suspect that a whole evolution of artificial hair is hidden behind one word.

The wig is not the last step in this evolution. Indeed, at the end of the 20th century, hair replacement systems have already replaced wigs, at first, due to the high cost, they were actively used only by Hollywood stars, and now they are freely available to everyone. So buy kinky curly clip in hair extensions now!

The earliest confirmed facts of the use of wigs are found in Ancient Egypt and date back to 2600 BC! False hair has been around for over 4600 years!

Ancient Rome also did not stand aside. There are references in the literature that the wife of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor, had more than a hundred wigs. The inhabitants of Ancient Rome believed that black hair was a sign of decency and homeliness. Therefore, some women had wigs of different colors and used the color depending on the current plans.

However, as you know, fashion develops in a spiral and in the average faith wigs were destined to enter fashion again. Queen Elizabeth of England had dozens of different hairstyles in her wardrobe to cover up her own graying hair.

Initially, hair replacement systems were very expensive and were only available to people for whom beauty is the basis of their profession. They are mostly movie stars. In the 21st century, we can afford to wear a quality hair system for quite reasonable money. This is much more practical than using outdated wigs. In addition, the system does not leave head in gusts of wind and even in strong jerks.