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Top 5 Car Accessories

Top 5 Car Accessories

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It is hard to imagine our life without all those fancy gadgets, useful tools, and miscellaneous accessories. We use them nearly in every sphere of our life, whether we are talking about work, gym, whatever. That is why it will be hard not to agree that the place where we spend about 17,600 minutes per year deserves the best accessories to make you feel absolutely comfortable and maximum safe.

This place is your car. Whether you want to improve your safety, to take more care of your pets, to provide yourself with comfort or to ensure that everything is in place, there are top 5 best car accessories to check out. Also, do not forget that there are plenty more great gadgets, tools, and accessories offered by Sharjah Car Accessories shops at But now let us see the top-sellers:

1. Stinger

The stinger is a little device that can provide you with the confidence that you will be able to leave your car after the accident even if car windows or doors are jammed. The device was created to shatter the dashboard or car window, providing you with the ability to leave your car quickly. Furthermore, it is equipped with a slim blade on the backside, allowing you to slice through a jammed seat belt.

2. Bluetooth-equipped Tile Mate

As human beings, we all have terrific forgetfulness. Despite the fact that this little annoying thing costs us thousands of dollars over the course of our lifetimes, we can not escape it and it is still with us. Nevertheless, with some modern devices such as Bluetooth-equipped Tile Mate, you can track those commonly misplaced items with ease. So whether you love to forget about the place for your key, your credit cards, whatever, the only thing you need to find these misplaced things with Bluetooth-equipped Tile Mate is your smartphone.

3. A Crash-Tested Harness for Your Pup

If you care about the safety of your furry best friend, it is better for you to learn that the biggest part of those lovely dog harnesses are not even crash-tested. So in order to make sure about the safety of your pup, focus on approved by the Center for Pet Safety products. Unfortunately, today we can name the only one: Sleepypod Clickit.

4. High Road Car Seat Organizer

Despite the fact that car seat organizer is not considered to be one of the most important things to own for your car, you will be happy to know that actually, it is one of the most helpful tools to fight the mess. So if you are planning some road trip with your family, it is must have. Frankly speaking, it is a must-have for all people with kids. If you know what I mean…

5. Cooler and warmer for your tasty beverages

Sure, this thing is also not so important. But…it really makes such a huge difference in overall comfort. Most of us spend so many time in the car, that owning things like cooler and warmer for your tasty beverages is the same as owning refrigerator and microwave at home. Any questions?