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Printing Or Embroidery Of Your Logo: What To Choose?

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

A logo is an emblem depicted graphically. The logo is applied to branded clothing, becomes an indicator of the recognition and solidity of the organization, brand, enterprise.

There are two ways to apply emblems on fabric to clothes: print or embroider,-when a company decides to make its logo.

Printing on fabric

A logo is printed on clothes, the emblem is transferred to the fabric with the help of high-quality and bright colors. You can contact Screen printing Houston for such a service. This is an excellent option, since the digital equipment for applying the image observes maximum accuracy.

shirts with white print
Photo by Ryan Hoffman on Unsplash

Modern technology allows you to print clear details and convey the colour as correctly as possible. Such logo looks bright and attractive.

Use this method for promotional materials, uniforms for office workers, and other products that are not designed for long wear and difficult operating conditions.

Note the wear and tear as disadvantage. Even the most resistant paint will be erased with each subsequent wash.

Embroidered logo

Embroidery Houston offers a method when the image is transferred to the fabric using threads and industrial embroidery equipment. The advantages of the method include:

  1. Wear resistance.
  2. For any type of fabric – natural and synthetic.
  3. Attractive and catchy look.

Disadvantages of logo embroidery: the pattern can not be transferred to the fabric exactly; too small details may not be displayed.

white print on black hoodie
Photo by GESPHOTOSS on Unsplash

However, the company’s ultra-precise sewing equipment allows you to convey the detailed logo as accurately as possible.

Bottom lines, if the status of the company is in the first place, choose the method of logo embroidery. The emblem will serve for a long time; it will significantly distinguish your brand from competitors. Branded clothing with an embroidered logo will serve the company for a long time and not lose its presentable appearance.

Order a logo print or embroidery on a T-shirt, cap or other clothing!