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assorted delicious food
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Perfect Addition to Your Dishes

Photo by Food Photographer | Jennifer Pallian on Unsplash

Dips are used for dishes in all cuisines of the world. Dips and spreads are recommended by nutritionists for better digestion of food. Dip in cooking is the name of seasoning, gravy, for the main dish or side dish. It can be liquid, thick or with the inclusion of solid components. Usually dips are not consumed separately, but are used to impart a flavour, taste, beauty for another dish.

Dips can be for sweet dishes and for salty, hot and cold, liquid and thick, basic and derivatives, home and industrial production. Use dip packet to simplify the process of making delicious dip or spread at home.

food with assorted dips
Photo by Creative Headline on Unsplash

Technology of cooking dips in industrial conditions

First, a mixture of dry ingredients is prepared. They are sifted, weighed on a scale and mixed evenly in a dry form. Then they are introduced into hot water in a reactor with a stirrer. Then the main ingredients are added. For instance, tomato paste is added to the resulting mixture. It can be either a ready-made concentrate or fresh from boiled tomatoes. Mixing is carried out by both the reactor agitator and the dispersant.

At the last stage, an aqueous vinegar solution and an extract of spices prepared separately are added. The finished product is once driven through a dispersant, heated and sent for hot bottling. Packing can be carried out in doypack, glass and plastic containers.

assorted food on the table
Photo by Regina Barker on Unsplash

Of course, it is impossible to observe the industrial technology in the kitchen. The use of savory dip packets greatly simplifies the preparation of dips  at home. The composition of each such packet includes dried herbs, seasonings, spices, flavourings. All components are successfully combined with your dishes, only improving their taste.

Enjoy your meal!