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Choose A Touristic Route Through Central America

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Central America is a cluster of small states. It consists of 7 States: Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and El Salvador. This is a very interesting region, rich in natural and cultural attractions, where the Spanish colonial heritage coexists with Indian monuments, traditions and modernity. You can even visit the colourful Central America Holidays.

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Vacation Options in Central America

  • Visit the most paradisiacal and beautiful islands with incredible coral reefs and rich marine life, snow-white sand and the purest water. Get to know the local ethnic groups and their way of life.
  • Travel from Fort de France to the stunning islands so that you can immerse yourself in the unearthly beauty of this land, as well as historical and architectural monuments. Go to Martinique, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, Saint Lucia, Dominica and Saint Martin.
  • Embark on an expedition cruise from Belize. So you will discover the lush landscapes, stunning shores and cultural wealth of Central America. In one trip you can visit all small countries.
  • Observe the rich biodiversity of the Kuru National Wildlife Refuge, relax on the white sandy beaches of Isla Tortuga, where you can go snorkelling among marine life.
  • Enjoy an exceptional sailing experience aboard the luxury yacht in an atmosphere of luxury and privacy, as if you were on your own private yacht. Discover the beauty of the Caribbean Sea and its many islands. An unforgettable sailing trip will take you to the most beautiful corners of this part of the world
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If you have not thought about visiting this part of the world until now, urgently correct this mistake. Use materials from experts to make your travel unforgettable!