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german shepherd dog

Things to Consider Before Buying German Shepherd Puppies

Photo by duku. photography on Unsplash

German Shepherd puppies require a lot of physical stimulation and attention. They need to train and exercise every day, not just on weekends. Ethical breeders will be keen on the health history of their litters. They will also be keen on ensuring the puppy will fit well into your lifestyle.

Health Tested

A responsible breeder should have both of a German Shepherd puppy’s parents’ health tested. This helps to eliminate genetic diseases that may be passed down from parent to puppy. Ensure your prospective German Shepherd puppy has been OFA certified as free of hip and elbow dysplasia. This is a common problem that can have lifelong consequences for your dog. Ask about the mother’s medical history and determine how many litters she has had. A mother should only have one litter per year. Too many pregnancies can lead to various problems for both the mother and the puppies. If you are purchasing a male GSD, it should be hemophilia tested. This is a serious blood clotting disorder that only affects male dogs. It should also be tested for von Willebrand Disease and epilepsy. 

german shepherd puppy
Photo by Wannes De Mol on Unsplash

Vet Checked

German Shepherds are intelligent, energetic dogs and require ample exercise and playtime. They can also be prone to certain health issues impacting their quality of life. Responsible breeders will have their German Shepherds cleared for genetic health problems and provide extensive early socialization to ensure the puppies are healthy. You should be wary of any breeder who does not have their German Shepherd’s vet checked or offers them for sale at a price below the average. Also, ask the breeder how often they have handled the puppies, which will help them settle in their new homes. Puppies handled regularly are usually less anxious and will make the transition from litter to home much more accessible. Puppies should also be vaccinated and dewormed as per the veterinarian’s guidelines. Also, find out whether they have been spayed or neutered or are due to be so soon. 

Vet Fees

Ask the breeder about their pricing structure when buying German Shepherd Puppies imported from Germany. A reputable and professional breeder will have nothing to hide and can answer your questions easily.

If they cannot answer your questions, walk away from the purchase. Purchasing from a disreputable breeder is a risk that comes with potential health issues, including hip dysplasia.

GSDs are high-energy dogs that require a lot of room to run and play. They also require quality food, toys, grooming equipment, and crates. These costs can quickly add up and be quite expensive for new pet parents.

To help offset these costs, consider getting pet insurance. Lemonade offers affordable pet insurance plans that start at $10 per month and offer the lowest deductible in the industry. You can even get a free quote to compare prices with other insurers. They also have fewer coverage exclusions than many competitors.

training german shepherd
Photo by tiim on Unsplash


Puppies require extensive training and early socialization. They are extremely active dogs that need rigorous physical and mental exercise, or they will become bored and develop destructive behaviors like digging or nuisance barking. It’s important to ask a breeder how often they handle their puppies. Puppies that are handled regularly are less anxious when separated from their litter, and they will also be able to learn and adapt more easily.

Look for a pup with a healthy weight, clear eyes, and clean ears. They should also be free of fecal matter and be well-groomed.