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How to Choose the Right Pot for Plants?

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

It is difficult to imagine a cozy home and garden in which there would not be a single living plant. Blooming or decorative-deciduous, fluffy or prickly, huge and miniature: they cheer us up, decorate the interior and saturate the air with oxygen. Yes, flowers and other plants decorate our life. And their beauty is best emphasized by a properly selected pots.

If you buy flower garden pots, it is essential that this container is not only stylish, but also suitable for your plant.

girl transplanting a flower into a pot
Image by Unsplash+

Selection of a flower pot

Pots are designed for direct planting of flowers. They should be practical and convenient for the development of the root system, and also have one or more holes on the bottom. This important detail will not allow the water to stagnate, which will exclude the possibility of root rot, the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria and fungi. The hole at the bottom of the pot allows the roots to “breathe” and absorb moisture from the pallet during the so-called “bottom watering”.

Correctly determine the size of the pot. Evaluate the plant visually. Larger flowerpots are suitable for adult plants with spreading large leaves. Little or medium-sized pots are perfect for miniature or small flowers. An approximate formula that will help you in choosing: the height of the pot should be equal to 1/3 of the height of the plant.

flowers in pots at a flower shop
Image by Unsplash+

The volume of the purchased container for a plant that needs to be transplanted should be focused on the volume of the root system of the plant. If the root occupies the entire space of the pot or even sprouts into drainage holes, choose a new pot two to three centimetres larger in diameter.

So, when you purchase flower garden pots, select them properly. Thus you can provide the healthy growth of your plant. And let the design of the flowerpot please the eye and bring aesthetic pleasure.