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Everything You Need to Know About High-Security Locks in Orlando

Photo by Immo Wegmann on Unsplash

High-security locks can protect your home, business, or valuables from criminals. They are essential to your property protection strategy, especially in risky areas.

While high-security locks are relatively inexpensive, they are much more challenging to break into than traditional locks. They can withstand manipulation and forced entry attempts for more extended periods.


High security locks Orlando are designed to resist break-ins and theft. They are often crafted from hardened metal and have anti-drill and bump features that deter burglars. They also use patented keyways and unique lock mechanisms that prevent unauthorized duplication. That makes them more secure than standard locks and helps businesses save money in the long run by keeping thieves out.

One of the main concerns for commercial business owners is that their keys need to be found and copied by former personnel or authorized individuals. Many high-security locks feature a patented keyway system that restricts duplicates to a limited number of MLA-licensed locksmiths. They also offer remote essential control, allowing business managers to monitor their security locks’ locations and operational status.

They are also harder to drill or pick because they use more complex internal locking mechanisms. They also have drill-resistant housing and a double-locking lug to prevent removal.

gray wooden door near green plants
Photo by Zac Gudakov on Unsplash


Unlike traditional locks, heavy-duty locks are aesthetically pleasing. They are also made from solid materials, making them resistant to tampering and more challenging to break into. They feature complex keyways and cylinders that are almost impossible to pick using a foreign object and can withstand direct force.

Moreover, many of these locks resist bumping, picking, and drilling. It is one reason why commercial businesses often get lower insurance premiums when they install these locks on their premises.

Some of these locks also come with patented critical control systems that restrict the number of keys and limit unauthorized duplication. It helps reduce the number of people who have access to your business and can help you keep track of everyone who goes in and out. It also makes your business more attractive to vendors and clients, as they will know that your property is well protected. Moreover, these locks are available in various finishes that match any architectural trim. They are ideal for residential entrances, schools/universities, detention facilities, and behavioral health settings.


High-security locks are designed to withstand a variety of physical attacks. They are also resistant to lock picking and can resist force, which makes them a wise investment for businesses with high-value assets. They can also help reduce insurance premiums, making them a valuable asset for homeowners.

Key control is another essential feature of these locks. They can prevent unauthorized key duplication using patented systems requiring a unique PIN code. This way, only authorized locksmiths can create keys for them. It prevents criminals from creating duplicate keys and entering a premises without authorization.

Universal Locksmith is a business that serves residential and commercial clients in Orlando. It offers critical and lock replacement, hardware repair, rekeying services, lockout assistance, and more. It works with different brands and models of locks, including ADA lever locks, deadbolts, panic bars, and access control systems. It also provides rekeying and master key system installation. Its services are available 24 hours a day.

green wooden door
Photo by Antonina Bukowska on Unsplash


The key features of high-security locks include resistance to picking, bumping, and drilling. They also resist kicking and ramming. They are made of solid and heavy metals and do not have plastic components that can break or bend.

They also have patented unique lock mechanisms that cannot be copied easily, making them hard for burglars to pick. They are a growing amenity for homeowners to help protect their families and property, especially since there is one burglary every 13 seconds.

Smart door locks can be locked and unlocked remotely, offering added convenience. It is handy for businesses when they need to grant access to clients and employees. As people come and go, it helps reduce the risk of lost, stolen, or misplaced keys. They can also be reset from a remote location. It saves time and money that would have been spent on replacing locks after a lost or stolen key.