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Creating a sensory garden
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Creating a sensory garden

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There are not that many pleasures in life that beat walking through a well maintained garden. This is because gardens can be a visual delight that engage the sense of sight due to the many differ colors that are represented in the garden. The shapes of the different leaves, branches, and patterns can also excite the eyes.

In addition, the sense of smell is often heavily leaned up on while walking through a garden given the fact that there are plenty of great smells in a garden including the sweet smell of flowers, or the aromatic leaves that belong to some popular types of scented flowers such as geraniums. Even pine trees can lend their own scents to complement a garden.

However, there are even more senses that you can engage in a garden as part of a new gardening trend ion gardening that is called creating a ‘sensory garden.’ In this type of garden the aim is to engage all of the senses in the body.

For instance, you might engage the sense of touch by offering flowers in the garden with soft leaves that children can feel. Choosing to plant berries, edible herbs, or even fruit in the garden can help to create the stunning sense of taste in a garden. This is also a great way to grow inexpensive organic fruit in your own backyard.

Finally if you want you engage your sense of hearing you might consider adding a wind chime to a garden. With the mystical sounds of a wind chime going every time the breeze blows you can make sure that the garden truly comes alive for those who visit. The best part is these types of items can be placed in both the front and back gardens so that your entire home is an adventure.