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ZenPebble Coffee Table Set Classico Travertine
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Coffee and Coffee Tables: a Practical Thing or a Tribute to Fashion?

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Coffee and coffee tables are often ignored when planning the interior. However, these small pieces of furniture add more than just a stylistic accent to your home. Coffee tables are a key element of comfort and memorable design.

Why coffee and coffee tables are needed

At first glance, it may seem that coffee tables are just a decorative element of the interior and a stand for your cup of coffee or tea.

However, the functionality of miniature tables is much wider. They create additional storage space, support conversations and cozy evenings, help organize a relaxation area around the sofa and even serve as an exhibition space for your home art objects.

OIX SwanEgg Coffee Table Set-Emperador Marble
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But modern furniture is not lagging behind in development. So, OIXDESIGN’s Travertine Coffee Table has wireless charging. You can have a conversation with your opponent and just put your phone on the table and your phone will charge. At the same time, the company considers only an environmentally friendly and waste-free approach to the production of this furniture. And this is only part of their advantages and functionality.

Advantages of coffee tables

  • Versatility. The Stone Coffee Table performs many functions: from a place-to-place decor and maintain a pleasant conversation to an additional surface for work or play. It is easy to assemble and adapts to your needs.
  • Style and design: A coffee table can be a key element in your interior. The tables of OIXDESIGN look elegant and emphasize the style of the room.
  • Visual organization of the interior: coffee tables help to organize the space, creating a separate area for relaxation or socializing. In addition, they are easy to move to another place.
  • Convenience: the tables are ideal for storing drinks, books, TV remotes and even laptops.
SquareSoft Coffee Table Set Carrara Marble Slide
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