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Benefits That Massey Ferguson Tractors Offer

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The versatility and dependability of Massey Ferguson tractors are legendary. They are useful because they can be used for almost any crop or task. They are dependable because they have a long history of completing tasks with minimal maintenance. Massey Ferguson tractors are also well-known for offering some of the best benefits in the industry. While there are numerous brands, it is the attention to detail that distinguishes Massey Ferguson. Read on to find out what Massey Ferguson tractors for sale offer.

Masson Ferguson’s Durability

One of the most important characteristics of any piece of agricultural equipment is its durability. It is especially critical for tractors because they will be used on a daily or weekly basis for many years. When you look at Massey Ferguson tractors’ history, you can see why they are known for their durability. In 1948, the first Massey Ferguson tractor was introduced in Canada. If you’re reading this in 2023, you can see how long this company has been in business and how long this brand’s tractors have been in use. By the company’s years in the industry, it had sold over 500,000 tractors. This means that hundreds of thousands of tractors are still in operation today!

Massey Ferguson tractors
Photo by Ashwini Chaudhary(Monty) on Unsplash

Easily Maintained

Massey Ferguson tractors are very simple to maintain, which is one thing you’ll notice. They have a front-mounted engine, among other characteristics, which contribute to this. This means that the tractor requires a lot of up-front maintenance. Therefore, operating the machine doesn’t require extreme flexibility. When you’re working alone, this is especially useful. In addition, many of the parts are reachable without removing anything and are simple to access. Again, if you’re working alone, this is beneficial. Additionally, customers appreciate that Massey Ferguson tractors come with a grease gun. As a result, you can apply grease to specific parts without purchasing a specialized tool. The grease gun that comes with the tractor can be used.

Features for Safety

Another crucial component for farmers and tractors is safety. You probably will experience an accident in your life if you work with a lot of agricultural machinery. Farmers try to minimize tractor accidents, but some occurrences are unavoidable. For instance, a differential turns the wheels on every tractor. However, during operation, the differential is what makes the wheels kick up. You are powerless to evade this. The same thing occurs in cars and is referred to as a spin out. However, Massey Ferguson tractors are equipped with a few safety features that can help avoid mishaps. A powerful horn, for instance, that can be turned on by pressing a button. This is useful if there is an obstruction like an animal or another object that you missed. A collision may be prevented by using the tractor horn.

massey fergusen grille
Photo by Zachary Musser on Unsplash

Easy to use

Many of Massey Ferguson’s models can be controlled with a single lever, making them easier to use than other tractors. For example, the joystick can be used to control the MF 3680. This reduces the number of controls and makes operating the tractor easier. This ease of operation is beneficial to anyone who has never driven a tractor before. It also allows a single operator to make on-the-fly adjustments. For example, if you’re spraying and realize you’re spraying on the wrong side of the field, you can easily change directions without having to stop the tractor or get out of it.

To Conclude

Massey Ferguson tractors are well-known for their dependability and ease of use. Their main advantages are that they are simple to maintain, have many safety features, and have a high resale value. While there are many tractor brands available, it is these details that set Massey Ferguson apart from the competition. A Massey Ferguson tractor will last and be dependable for many years.