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Important Moment for Your Vacation
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Important Moment for Your Vacation

Photo by Marco Trezzi on Unsplash

Owners of country and private houses would be very happy to spend as much time outdoors as possible on weekends and vacations. However, the scorching sun or rain, driving people back into the house, can spoil such a rest. Therefore, a shade in such places is essential, it perfectly protects from the sun, creating shade, and rain. It’s nice to relax in such a place. Shade N Net specialists will give you useful tips on the construction of shade.

Determine the shade design

Learn more about the construction of a shade for recreation. The shade for outdoor activities should be collapsible and light, have a sufficiently stable frame. You can find such shade solutions from the experienced professionals mentioned above.

Determine the shade design
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

If it is proposed to spend the rest in the country or in the courtyard of a private house, shades can be very different, including collapsible. One of the quickly installed shades is a country sliding structure. It is attached to the wall of the house on brackets. The shade unfolds by pressing a button on the control panel covering the area near the house. Country shades of this type save from rain and ultraviolet rays.

Most often, people build more reliable shades so that they can be used permanently. Such a shade will save not only from the summer heat or rain, but also from hail, sometimes even from snow. Such shades include a shade with a roof made of:

metal tiles
Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash
  • polycarbonate;
  • profiled flooring;
  • metal tiles.

Such materials can be used to make a single-pitched or double-pitched roof. It is better to use cellular polycarbonate to make an arched shade. Polycarbonate bends easily and takes any shape. Shades made of tarpaulin, PVC and acrylic fabrics are also popular. The fabric shade can be removed for the winter.

Choose a suitable shade. Experienced professionals can help you in your individual situation.

April 01, 2022