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How Would Under Inflated Tyres Affect Your Vehicle

Photo by Gear5.8 by Roberto R. on Unsplash

The normal tire pressure of cars is within two atmospheres. It is individual for each car model and is indicated in the technical specifications. The pressure may be higher for the tires of the rear wheels and lower for the front wheels, etc. What happens when driving a car with flat tires or, conversely, inflated tires?

If the tire pressure is below normal

There is a varying degree of deterioration in the controllability of the car depending on the magnitude of the pressure drop. This is especially noticeable during lane-change.

a car with a flat tire
Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash
  • The move of the car to the side is possible when driving and braking. The dynamics deteriorates, as the rolling resistance of the car increases.
  • The tire with reduced pressure is deformed, the area of the contact spot with the road increases, and it heats up strongly. There is increased wear of its side surfaces.
  • Fuel consumption increases as the engine has to expend more energy to overcome the increased rolling resistance.
  • If you get into a hole or a pothole on the road, the wheel may be damaged.
  • Still, a deliberate reduction in tire pressure by the driver can help a stalled car to get out of mud or snow.

Tire pressure is above normal

Pumped tires make it easier for the car to roll along the road, it is easier to drive, and they reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, there is increased wear of the central part of the tire tread, stretching and destruction of the cord inside it in case of falling into a pit. The suspension of the car fails faster.

an experienced mechanic in orange gloves is placing air valve on a car wheel preparing to pressurize it
Image by Unsplash+

Maintain the optimal recommended pressure in the tires. Check the tire pressure once a week and before each long trip. Visual inspection of the condition of tyres in Newbury and not only must be carried out daily.