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How to choose a soft floor?

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The pluses of tatami puzzle include easy replacement of elements, mobility and transformation, resizing for current needs, you can take it everywhere and comprar tatami puzzle easily. Tatami is one-piece in the cut, it has no layers, an anti-slip relief is applied to the surface. It is environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic. The soft floor is more resistant to external influences. Reinforced top layer is rougher to the touch, but it more easily stands pressure tests, abrasion, felt-tip pens, and plasticine. We recommend using this floor in places of high stress: kindergartens, gyms.

The choice of color is guided by aesthetic and practical principles. Light colors visually expand the room, pollution is not so visible on dark ones. Cool tones will be appropriate on the sunny side, while for the north side, designers recommend using warm colors. It is great if the flooring will be in harmony with the main colors of the interior.