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How to Choose a Good News Site

How to Choose a Good News Site

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

The number of sites that have news is constantly growing. Many of them are not trustworthy, but it is sometimes difficult for an inexperienced reader to understand whether it is possible to trust a particular publication or a site not registered as a media. Pay attention to the headline and first paragraph. They should coincide in meaning – for example, if the heading speaks of something as a fact, and in the first paragraph as just a suggestion to do something, this is a reason to doubt the credibility of the source.

Also, pay attention to the intonation – good news as infobanknews is written unemotionally, there is no aggressive vocabulary.

Finally, pay attention to direct speech in the news, whether a person has nothing to do with the essence of the news. A classic example: if the singer comments on news on a socio-political topic, it means that you are reading either very bad news or a humorous site.