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Frameless shower screens: peculiarities

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In recent years, fixed shower screens with a spacious structure have become very popular due to their numerous advantages. It’s no wonder that this solution is preferred because it contributes a lot to the stylish bathroom interior, being simple to clean and maintain.

If you are interested in the technology and want to get this type of a shower screen, you can choose the best quality at Creative Glass Studio is a London-based company that uses innovative solutions in the industry to provide customers with highly polished products.

Issues related to a frameless shower screen to consider

Easy on the eyes, constructions come with various peculiarities to meet everybody’s requirements and needs. While discussing perks, the following significant details should be mentioned:

  1. Technology allows an innovative design with curved edges on panels. Refusing sharp angles, it is easy to create a soft and flowing look.
  2. It is possible to combine frameless shower screens with various showerheads and accessories like handles, knobs, hinges, and towel rails.
  3. Black, white, copper, bronze, nickel, and other metal finishes of hardware can be used to customize a glass structure. When cohering within the space, these elements will serve to highlight key points of the overall look.

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  4. In order to prevent leakages, it is better to choose a structure with a hedged door with reliable seals, fastened to its edge by gluing, that disables water leakage between the panel and the floor.
  5. Degree of heating can be adjusted to the conditions. A shower enclosure will keep the temperature inside better compared to walk-in shower screens.

 Some issues with walk-in shower screens

A walk-in shower is rated as one of a frameless shower screen category. It comes without a door. The entry is not closed at all, while splashes of water are kept inside the wet area thanks to walls only. This is a very light and modern solution that is preferred by lots of people. If you are interested in it, keep in mind there are some issues.

It is important that this shower enclosure is located on the floor with a slope of approximately 1.5 cm. Such a sloping surface is needed to make water flow to a line or point drain and avoid water accumulation. Also, if there is a special need to ensure a comfortable temperature in the wet area but at the same time the concept of walk-in shower screens seems the only one appropriate, underfloor heating should be considered. Another issue is related to water vapor that spreads in the bathroom, because the structure is not closed. To reduce this effect, it is important to have proper ventilation in the room.

The benefits from fixed shower screens made at Creative Glass Studio

It is recommended to visit the site where you can see for yourself what options are available.

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All products from this manufacturer are:

  • made of quality, safe, damage-resistant, toughened glass measuring 10 mm wide. If a heavy accident happens, the glass will be broken into small dice and will not hurt anyone in the room. There is a rich choice of decorative options, including the clearest possible OptiWhite glass and laminated colored panels.
  • designed frameless to create a light and transparent look as opposed to framed shower screens. Whether you choose the walk-in or fixed shower screens, you will be able to take a shower 24 hours after the construction is installed.
  • built in accordance with a customer’s desires. The room’s floor plan and other minor details are considered in 3D visualization. As a result, a reliable and comfortable structure is made.
  • mounted by an experienced team of skilled specialists for about a couple of weeks. The time depends of the complexity of the project.

Creative Glass Studio offers lots of options to bring amazing and functional art to your bathrooms. Unique, individually designed shower screens have been created here for 20 years. Thus, if you love the frameless shower enclosures and screens, contact the manufacturer to discuss your needs.