Climate reality project in social media

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

The climate reality project is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that aims to educate and disseminate information about climate change. The organization was founded by former US Vice President and Nobel laureate Albert Al Gore. “The Inconvenient truth” is a film, based on Gore’s book “Inconvenient truth. Global warming. How to stop a planetary catastrophe”. Starring Al Gore and global climate change. A one-and-a-half-hour visual representation of Gore’s years – long efforts to make the global community realize and respond to the reality of the climate catastrophe that he began to discover as a student. Everyone should really know and see this. In 2007, the film won the Academy award for best documentary and the words “inconvenient truth” became a stable phraseology.

Gore’s active participation reproduced in his political activism, lectures, films and publications, has intensified the fight opposed to climate change.

“We can handle the climate crisis” – this is the slogan of the Climate Reality Project, which directs to the launch of a large-scale media campaign, including the most popular social networks. The reason for launching the campaign was, according to Gore, the actual inaction of the authorities to prevent the climate emergency. “I tried everything possible. The only way to solve this crisis is to change the public’s attitude to it, -said Gore. – “The algorithm is simple: of course, it is important to replace conventional light bulbs with energy-saving ones, but it is even more important to change the laws” – he added.